What would life be like without a
decent place to call home?

ICDA develops housing in direct response to community-based needs and aspirations. When we develop a project, we recognize our hold on a piece of land as a stake in the ground for the long term sustenance of the community and we seek to leverage this precious bit of earth to serve the community in whatever way we can –whether it’s creating large units (3-4 bedrooms) to house large and extended families, saving a beloved legacy business, creating public art and installations to lift up local culture and history and lend beauty and meaning to a place, and more. Every project is different and every project has a story that’s shaped by the particulars of the people and the place that surround(s) it.

Since 1991, ICDA has developed

399 Units of Low Income Housing

Providing 1000 people with safe & stable homes.

We Care About

People Centered Design and Operations

We ground our projects in the housing needs and aspirations of people in the communities we serve, and we prioritize the health and wellbeing of our residents in making the tough decisions around budgets, design, and operations.


We seek to create beautiful and uplifting places that support and enhance health and happiness and foster a sense of community and belonging.

Community Building

We engage community during the development process and beyond and aim to foster relationships of trust and respect with and between community members, community groups, residents, and visitors.

Historic Preservation

We believe in the intrinsic value of our historic buildings and places to ground the community in its unique collective history, to preserve a sense of place and meaning, to keep our community stories alive.

Culturally Appropriate Services

Through resident services, engagement, activities, and organizing, we seek to create places where all residents can bring their full selves, feel a sense of belonging and community, and live to their fullest potential.

Equity and Social Justice

All of our work grows from a sense of justice and our mission to address disparities, which for our housing projects, is all about people having the choice to live where they want to live and to be themselves and thrive.


Rex Hotel

657 S King St - Chinatown/International District

Highland Gardens

4575 Klahanie Dr SE - Issaquah

Gee How Oak Tin

519 7th Ave S - Chinatown/International District

NP Hotel

306 Sixth Ave S - Chinatown/International District

Eastern Hotel

506 Maynard Ave S - Chinatown/International District

Nihonmachi Terrace Family Housing

651 S Main St - Chinatown/International District

Samaki Commons

3908 S Kenyon St - Rainier Valley

Hirabayashi Place

442 S Main St - Nihonmachi - International District

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