Employment Navigation Program

InterIm CDA’s Employment Navigation Program started in March 2020. The program aims to serve Seattle’s Chinatown International District and around the Greater Seattle community. There are serval components to the Employment Navigation Program.

1. Employment Navigation

    • We do a thorough understanding of what our clients are looking for, including helping them conduct an intensive job search.
    • We support our clients with application help. We assist in navigating job application questions and support them in uploading their resumes.
    • We support our clients in creating resumes and writing cover letters.

2. Job Readiness

We provide our clients with job readiness training. Due to the pandemic, we have limited our services to only Employment Navigation.

3. Financial Literacy

We offer financial literacy courses to our community, where our clients learn more about how to save money, build a budget, and create a saving process. At the end of the program, we hope that our clients gain the skills to create a sustainable life for their families and themselves.

4. Unemployment – We support families and individuals with filing for unemployment.


Currently, the Employment Navigation Program is supporting 88 clients with job search, application, and unemployment.

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