Samaki Commons

Located in Rainier Valley near the light rail Othello Station, construction completed July 2009. This $12.5 million, 41 unit project will provide affordable housing to help residents stay in Rainier Valley, including large family, disabled, and transitional housing.

Asian refugees and immigrants need community connections to help them acclimate to American life. It’s this sense of community that helps new immigrants find stable employment, the motivation to give back, and academic success for their children. At InterIm CDA, we believe stable housing is a necessary foundation for building that sense of community.

Wenchoun Saeyang, President of the Lao Highland Association, shares this belief. This is why several years ago he asked InterIm CDA to build affordable housing next to the Lao Highland Community Center, which serves the Hmong, Kmhu, and Mien tribe communities. Five years later, ground was broken for Samaki Commons Family Housing Project.

In July of 2009, Samaki Commons opened its doors to low-income families in Seattle’s diverse, rapidly changing Rainier Valley. Several units are dedicated to families transitioning from homelessness. Residents of Samaki Commons will also benefit from the amenities and unique cultural exchange opportunities right next door at the Lao Highland Community Center.