Experiential Education

WILD’s fosters confident, informed, compassionate, civically-engaged refugee and immigrant youth leaders. Annually, WILD primarily serves approximately 100 low-income Asian and Pacific Islanders ages 14-19, through our award winning, year-round environmental justice leadership development program.

Environmental Justice

WILD Youth critically deconstruct the way systemic racism leads to communities of color bearing the brunt of environmental injustice and climate change.

Intergenerational Learning

WILD grounds youth in their community through strengthening ties with elders. We believe intergenerational learning deepens youths’ commitment to service and leads to a deeper cultural connection and understanding.

WILD employs a leadership model with three levels of engagement.

Summer Program for 14-15 year olds

We believe that youth must be grounded in their culture and history to be able to grow into civically engaged leaders, therefore our aim is to strengthen ties to community elders through intergenerational activities like field trips.

Summer Program for 16-18 year olds

Our stipend based leadership program works with youth who are interested in further developing their leadership and job readiness skills. As young leaders, they give back to the community by teaching children in the Children’s Garden, leading projects to improve their community.

School-Year Fellowship Program for 16 to 18 year olds

This program targets youth who want to dive deeper into their histories, process current events, and engage in environmental advocacy projects that make a positive impact on the CID.

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