About Gordon

Gordon Hirabayashi, born in Seattle in 1918, is a local Japanese American hero whose life and legacy speaks deeply and personally to Japanese Americans and has far reaching implications for the fundamental human rights of all Americans.

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About the Legacy of Justice

Today, Gordon Hirabayashi’s story and legacy are more relevant than ever. Education and public art installations at Hirabayashi Place will enlighten visitors about Gordon Hirabayashi’s courageous stance for justice, and contribute to the hopeful possibility that a horrible injustice like the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans will never happen again. We hold up Gordon Hirabayashi’s civic courage, unwavering commitment to social justice, and quiet persistence in the face of adversity, as an inspiration and reminder of the power that each of holds to take a stand for justice.

InterIm CDA’s upcoming affordable housing project, Hirabayashi Place, will be located at 442 South Main Street, a high visibility, gateway site for Nihonmachi, Seattle’s historic Japantown. Construction of Hirabayashi Place is underway and is slated for completion in December, 2015. Education and public art installations, integrated into the building and site at Hirabayashi Place, pose a tremendous opportunity to share about Gordon Hirabayashi’s life and legacy, to raise awareness about Japanese American community history and vitality, to contribute to the re-emerging cultural identity of Nihonmachi, and to create a place for education, inspiration, remembrance, and hope. The Gordon Hirabayashi Legacy of Justice Committee, open to all who are interested, gathers community members together to steward this project through planning, design, outreach and fundraising. This effort has taken wing, thanks to the passion and commitment of community members who are generously giving of their time and talents so the vision can become a reality. Through this project, we embrace the core value of remembering the past as a way of committing to and inspiring all of us to work towards a more just future.

Legacy of Justice Installations

Education and public art installations at Hirabayashi Place will enlighten visitors about Gordon Hirabayashi’s story and legacy while lifting up the culture and history of Nihonmachi, Seattle’s historic Japantown. Together, the installations will help lend a sense of meaning, culture and place for the neighborhood and community. Hirabayashi Place will stand as a reminder of the power that each of us holds, to take a stand for justice.

Building Exterior

1.  Man from White River

2.  Gordon Hirabayashi, American Patriot

3.  Illuminating History

4.  Ai

5.  In Gordon’s Words

Building Interior

6.  Interior Historic Exhibit

7.  Stand Up for Justice