InterIm Community Development Association (ICDA) stands in solidarity with this weekend’s protests around Black Lives Matter and with every black community seeking justice around the criminal justice system and other matters. The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Nina Pop have brought our country’s profound anti-blackness into full view. These incidences have caused us to reflect upon the anti-blackness that exists within our own community.

​We are committed to the fight for true equity in every measure of life for the Black community. As a broad Asian and Pacific Islander community, we have benefitted from the civil rights struggles and other efforts of the African American community. In the early fights of the 20th century to protect and preserve our neighborhood, the Black community stood by us when we needed help. As an organization rooted in the Chinatown International District, we recognize that there has been a long history of black residents and business owners as being an integral part of our community. This was part of the work that Uncle Bob did with the Gang of Four. Currently, many black people live in or visit the CID daily. We must never forget this.​

We will do work to reckon with our anti-blackness, as an organization and in our community advocacy. We are committed to fighting Institutional Racism and fighting for Racial Equity, as well as following racial justice principals in our Internal and Program work in all area’s, including Homelessness Prevention, Housing Development, WILD Youth, Resident Services, Policy and Advocacy, The Danny Woo Garden, Employment Navigation, and Food Security.

Finally, we encourage everybody to donate to Black Lives Matter: We encourage you to do what is possible in your personal capacity.