TODAY! demand a Comp Plan with real-antidisplacement strategy!

“The Seattle Comprehensive Plan is the city’s 20-year plan for managing urban population growth. But right now it’s missing any plan to prevent displacement in neighborhoods like the CID and keep Seattle affordable for low-income households, families or BIPOC communities.
Submit public comments to by 5pm Monday to demand a Comp Plan with a real anti-displacement strategy!
Over the next 20 years, Seattle is projected to need at least 100,000 new housing units for about 200,000 new residents — nearly two-thirds of whom will need affordable housing at or below 80% of Seattle’s Area Median Income (AMI).
But the Mayor’s office removed all anti-displacement proposals from the Comp Plan. As reported by PubliCola, “a comparison between the 2023 draft of the plan and the version released in March reveals that the mayor effectively vetoed an ambitious plan to combat displacement and replaced it with a list of laws that are already in effect.”
A Comp Plan with no anti-displacement strategy is not just short-sighted. It condemns the CID and other low-income and BIPOC communities to relentless displacement — and all the harm that comes with it — for the next 20 years and beyond.
Contact the city by 5pm Monday to reject the Mayor’s comp plan and demand an extension of the public comment period!” 

Welcoming our new WILD Manager, Sky Kili - and also, thank you to King Conservation District

Welcoming our new WILD Program Manager, Sky Kili – and also, thank you to King Conservation District

InterIm CDA would like to welcome our new WILD Program Manager, Sky Kili. Sky has a background in sustainability, community organizing, and youth development. We want to thank Malika Aiyer, who worked as our Program Manager for one year and was with the program for a year and a half. Malika oversaw several successful projects with the WILD program, which included developing our Seed to Plate curriculum with the youth and outdoor experience programming.

We also want to thank the King Conservation District (KCD) for their continued support of the WILD program and our Danny Woo Community Garden. Their support has and will continue to provide the resources to create more significant food equity and food access in the CID and provide greater development opportunities to disadvantaged youth. KCD’s support has allowed youth participants to gain leadership skills and a greater understanding of sustainability. Here are photos of our WILD youth and elders from the community teaming up to prepare culturally relevant foods together.

47th Annual Pig Roast

On Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd, we hosted our 47th Annual Pig Roast. BIG Thank you to everyone who attended, our volunteers, sponsors, donors, gardeners, and staff for participating. It was a great event getting the community together for yummy food, games, stories, and roasting the pig all night.
Please view a short clip by Natasha Mozgovaya, thank you!

10th Annual A&NH/PI Candidate Forum

Get your votes ready as we have a Primary election coming up soon! We will be having our 10th Annual A&NH/PI Candidate Forum happening on July 20th, 5-7pm featuring the 37th Legislative and 9th Congressional District Candidates that will represent our A&NH/PI Community. The deadline to vote by ballot and online is by July 25th. Click on this link to register now:

InterIm CDA - Laptops Provided to Low Income and Homeless Communities

Through the King County "Digital Equity for Adults with Barriers to Access and Services" grant, the Employment Navigation team at InterIm was able to secure over 100 laptops to support seniors, limited-English proficient, unemployed, and/or homeless individuals, and an additional 22 hotspots for those that did not have access to internet.

Abby Frias (Sustainability & Education Coordinator), Carmen Hom (Employment Navigation Coordinator), Silver Ly (Housing Stability Case Manager), Lizzy Baskerville (Environmental Design & Sustainability Manager), Alec Mac (Employment Navigation Assistant), Vincent Kwan (Employment Navigation Manager), Carol Xie (Resource Development & Marketing Manager), Renae Figuriera (Family Navigator) on the day of laptop delivery

The grant was approved for 21 organizations across the county, including InterIm CDA. The purpose of the grant was to provide individuals and/or families with digital services to "navigate online resources for health, economic, or other basic needs" who would otherwise not have access to them in an effort to help recover from the vast impacts of COVID-19 (King County).

Alec & Vincent organizing laptops to be delivered to residents

On the morning of December 16, 2020, InterIm staff gathered and formed teams of two to deliver laptops to different apartment buildings to residents that were approved to receive one. Upon arrival, the recipients were told in advance of our scheduled arrival time and signed off to confirm receipt of their new device(s), accepting with gratitude.

Vincent, socially distanced, instructing staff on laptop deliveries and assigning everyone to teams of two

Digital Literacy flyers, with both English and Chinese, that were given to the residents to go along with their laptops

Lizzy organizing and prepping the laptops to be delivered to Rex Apartments' residents

Silver and Renae finishing up their deliveries - they even got to support local restaurant, Tai Tung!

Carol and Lizzy preparing for their last delivery of the day.

Alec during the middle of a delivery

We are working hard to provide services and resources for the communities that we serve, especially during these times. We are confident that the laptops and hotspots that were delivered will help their recipients in their journey to finding employment and other resources, which is now more important than ever.

Thank you to all our supporters that continue to support our work!

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InterIm CDA - Coming to the End of 2020

This year, our organization, as well as the rest of the world, has faced some drastic changes and challenges. As an organization, we have learned to navigate these changes by sticking together and remembering our mission and commitment to all immigrants, refugees, and low income communities.
Even though we have not been able to hold events and interact with everyone as we used to, we are making the most of it.
In the early months of this year, Community Engagement Manager, Henry Liu, started a GoFundMe to provide groceries to the various CID residents. It soon surpassed the initial goal, and we were able to get even more groceries in bulk from local grocery stores. We had the help of many, many, many volunteers during this process. After a few months, we started partnering with our friends at the Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS), who help us package hundreds of bags per week for us to deliver to different households in the neighborhood.
On top of this, we have helped senior residents fill out the 2020 Census and even register to vote! We had a great turnout this year and it was great to see the residents excited and engaged in their civic duties.
The Danny Woo Community Garden has also seen some changes. We have seen an increase in crops being utilized in the garden, and have even heard from gardeners that their groups have helped them during this time. It gives them time to be outside, exercise, and even helps them grow food for their families. Lizzy Baskerville, Environmental Design & Sustainability Manager, quotes gardener Deng Xia Tang, "Very happy because [otherwise] there is nothing to do. My husband labors in the plot. At home we feel very lonely but we go to the garden to enrich our lives. We have this plot to have fun.”
You may have even see Matt Chan's video of the Danny Woo Community Garden, which honors the annual Pig Roast that was unfortunately canceled this year.
Our Employment Navigation department has also been hard at work during this time. Employment Navigation Managers, Vincent Kwan and Carmen Hom, have continuously helped community members file for unemployment or find jobs, which are both especially important during this time. They work tirelessly each week to check up on clients and have even set up several events and workshops!
InterIm has also been a part of the I-5 Steering Committee, which is working to revitalize the freeway underpass on Jackson & King St. in an effort to create more open space and a sense of public safety, as well as better connect Little Saigon to the rest of the CID neighborhood. Be sure to join the upcoming Community Meeting on December 16, 2020 at 4:00pm!
Another way that InterIm has been engaging with senior residents is by leading weekly cooking and exercise classes. Community Engagement Manager, Henry, and Nutritional Education & Food Security Manager, Eliza Guan, purchase ingredients for dozens of senior residents each week and hand deliver them. Based on the ingredients for the week, each resident comes up with their own dish and shares what they made with other participants in a WeChat group chat. From these group chats, the residents have made friends with each other and keep each other company even on non-cooking class days!
Our administrative team has also been hard at work. Administrative Assistant, Lynette Seigafo, and accounting team Anca Bolden and Shegaw Masresha, have been hard at work at the InterIm office making sure that everything behind-the-scenes is seamless and that the rest of the team can do their jobs effectively and by the book. They truly are the backbone of InterIm CDA.
There are several other departments that have not been captured in this video, but deserve the recognition just as much - Housing Services, Real Estate Development, Equitable Development Policy Advocacy, Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development (WILD) youth program, Homelessness Prevention, and Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault services have all done amazing work for the communities that they serve.
While this year has been both challenging and different, we at InterIm are grateful for each other and our community. We continue to do our work as best as we can, under the circumstances, and uphold our commitment to the community. At this time, your support means the world to us and we cannot thank you enough. Please consider to continue supporting us during this time so that we can continue our neighborhood advocacy efforts.
Thank you all - we are excited for 2021 and all that it may bring!
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InterIm CDA - I5 Underpass Activation Project

Check out our new video that features a walkthrough of our I5 Underpass Activation Project!

We will be hosting a community meeting on December 16th, 2020 at 4:00pm to discuss the design. Please join us and let us know what you think!

Interim CDA - WILD Program


WILD (Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development) is InterIm CDA's youth leadership program that promotes civic engagement, environmental justice, inter-generational engagement, and college readiness while fostering confidence and compassion in immigrant youth leaders. At the end of each year, the WILD Banquet is held to celebrate and connect the program's youth leaders and the community's senior residents.

For the first time in 23 years, we were not able to hold our annual WILD Banquet to ensure everyone's safety. We've compiled a short video to commemorate and celebrate some joyful moments in the WILD program. Please enjoy this video and join us in remembering these happy times.

Please continue to support us during this time. Your donation helps us continue our community support work in the Chinatown-International District neighborhood.

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InterIm CDA - Tuesdays w/ Eliza & Henry!

Since March, we have been making weekly grocery deliveries to several CID residents - take a look at a small snippet of what our organization has to offer! 

In this video, come join Eliza & Henry on their weekly Tuesday runs. They start off their mornings getting grocery bags from the Asian Counseling Referral Services food bank, make their deliveries, and then head to Uwajimaya to do some grocery shopping for the senior cooking class led by Eliza.

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Northwest Asian Weekly article: "InterIm CDA pivots due to pandemic, reaching out to those in need"

Thanks to Northwest Asian Weekly for this piece on our organization's ongoing work during this pandemic!

Executive Director, Pradeepta Upadhyay, and Deputy Director, Tom Im, were interviewed for this article to describe how we've been keeping the residents in the Chinatown-International District connected, despite this period of uncertainty.

Through efforts of our organization's program managers, we have been able to stay connected to both school-age children through senior residents in various Seattle neighborhoods, through social media, distribution of educational packets, grocery deliveries, cooking and exercise classes, and various other ways.

Check out the full article in the attached link!