Seattle's karaoke hotspot Bush Garden looks to late 2024 reopening, new future

Exciting news about Bush Garden opening at Uncle Bob’s Place later this year!  Follow the link in our bio to learn more.

KUOW – Seattle’s karaoke hotspot Bush Garden looks to late 2024 reopening, new future

TODAY! demand a Comp Plan with real-antidisplacement strategy!

“The Seattle Comprehensive Plan is the city’s 20-year plan for managing urban population growth. But right now it’s missing any plan to prevent displacement in neighborhoods like the CID and keep Seattle affordable for low-income households, families or BIPOC communities.
Submit public comments to by 5pm Monday to demand a Comp Plan with a real anti-displacement strategy!
Over the next 20 years, Seattle is projected to need at least 100,000 new housing units for about 200,000 new residents — nearly two-thirds of whom will need affordable housing at or below 80% of Seattle’s Area Median Income (AMI).
But the Mayor’s office removed all anti-displacement proposals from the Comp Plan. As reported by PubliCola, “a comparison between the 2023 draft of the plan and the version released in March reveals that the mayor effectively vetoed an ambitious plan to combat displacement and replaced it with a list of laws that are already in effect.”
A Comp Plan with no anti-displacement strategy is not just short-sighted. It condemns the CID and other low-income and BIPOC communities to relentless displacement — and all the harm that comes with it — for the next 20 years and beyond.
Contact the city by 5pm Monday to reject the Mayor’s comp plan and demand an extension of the public comment period!” 

DVCHAP Program Highlight: InterIm CDA - Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence

InterIm CDA’ DV program was given the opportunity to share the good work we do for the DV survivors in the community. This is the link for an article which was published on the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence.