InterIm CDA - Holiday Gift Bags to Residents!

In the beginning of the year, InterIm began grocery deliveries to low-income senior residents and their families once a week to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It began with a GoFundMe page and weekly volunteers from all over the Seattle area, and then turned into a partnership between InterIm, other non-profit organizations that were also participating in grocery deliveries, and Asian Counseling and Referral Services' food bank.

For the holidays, we decided to get together to offer gift cards to grocery stores Uwajimaya, Safeway, or Viet-Wah, depending on the residents' choice. To go along with the gift cards, we put together a gift bag with freshly baked cookies, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and tea bags.

Enjoy these pictures of some of the InterIm team that put the holiday gift bags together!

Carmen Hom (Employment Navigation Coordinator), Vincent Kwan (Employment Navigation Manager), Derek Lum (Equitable Development Policy Analyst) assembling gift bags for various buildings

Freshly baked cookies with tags that included ingredients!

Tom Im (Deputy Director) on his way to make his delivery

Carol Xie (Resource Development & Marketing Manager) 

Another batch on their way out!

Alec Mac (Employment Navigation Assistant) wheeling boxes of gift bags out

Each bag was hand delivered to each resident - they were pleasantly surprised and thrilled to receive their bags!

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InterIm CDA - Laptops Provided to Low Income and Homeless Communities

Through the King County "Digital Equity for Adults with Barriers to Access and Services" grant, the Employment Navigation team at InterIm was able to secure over 100 laptops to support seniors, limited-English proficient, unemployed, and/or homeless individuals, and an additional 22 hotspots for those that did not have access to internet.

Abby Frias (Sustainability & Education Coordinator), Carmen Hom (Employment Navigation Coordinator), Silver Ly (Housing Stability Case Manager), Lizzy Baskerville (Environmental Design & Sustainability Manager), Alec Mac (Employment Navigation Assistant), Vincent Kwan (Employment Navigation Manager), Carol Xie (Resource Development & Marketing Manager), Renae Figuriera (Family Navigator) on the day of laptop delivery

The grant was approved for 21 organizations across the county, including InterIm CDA. The purpose of the grant was to provide individuals and/or families with digital services to "navigate online resources for health, economic, or other basic needs" who would otherwise not have access to them in an effort to help recover from the vast impacts of COVID-19 (King County).

Alec & Vincent organizing laptops to be delivered to residents

On the morning of December 16, 2020, InterIm staff gathered and formed teams of two to deliver laptops to different apartment buildings to residents that were approved to receive one. Upon arrival, the recipients were told in advance of our scheduled arrival time and signed off to confirm receipt of their new device(s), accepting with gratitude.

Vincent, socially distanced, instructing staff on laptop deliveries and assigning everyone to teams of two

Digital Literacy flyers, with both English and Chinese, that were given to the residents to go along with their laptops

Lizzy organizing and prepping the laptops to be delivered to Rex Apartments' residents

Silver and Renae finishing up their deliveries - they even got to support local restaurant, Tai Tung!

Carol and Lizzy preparing for their last delivery of the day.

Alec during the middle of a delivery

We are working hard to provide services and resources for the communities that we serve, especially during these times. We are confident that the laptops and hotspots that were delivered will help their recipients in their journey to finding employment and other resources, which is now more important than ever.

Thank you to all our supporters that continue to support our work!

Connect with us:
Instagram: @interim_cda; @dannywoogarden
Facebook: @interim_cda; @dannywoogarden